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Replacing Queen Jimmy With President James [Oct. 14th, 2008|02:49 am]
The Journal That Speaks Truth to Wikiality


Jimmy has repeatedly claimed that he is nothing more than a Constitutional Monarch ("Like the Queen of England"). And he certainly seems to be acting more as one of late; Traveling around the world, waving his scepter at the crowds (and in private to the occasional, lucky groupie), all the while managing to avoid doing too much of substance...A nice gig if you can get and keep it.

And a fairly nice arrangement for the projects he supposedly reigns over, as well, since it keeps him from meddling, as much, in the day-to-day operations and exercising his considerable talents for mucking things up.

Unfortunately, this arrangement is not viable in the long term. Eventually, we just know his Jimness is going to do or say something that even "The Wolf" wouldn't be able to clean up. It is no longer a question of whether Jimbo Fails, but when and how hard?

If nothing else. the costs of shuttling him around the globe in the lap of luxury will begin to outweigh the benefits of the PR, press coverage and what ever cash he manages to con. In short, there will come a time when we must dare to consider a post-Jimbeau Wikimedia.

Question the first is; Who will replace Jimmy?
The answer to this is made even more complicated because two of the most frequently whispered names have recently taken themselves off the list: Mademoiselle FloFlo Devouard, my personal favorite, has chosen to step down as WMF Chair and even as a board member (Aurevoir et bonne chance, ma chere! Even her arch foe Danny Wool expressed some sadness at her parting. While Erik "The Mole Man" Moeller, has chosen to become a champion of pedophilia. For fair or foul, this has easily overshadowed his recent fund raising triumph and He'll be lucky if the only thing he loses over it is his place in the line of succession.

That leaves Sue "Spider Hand" Gardener, who has been steadily weaving her web and seems poised to take the throne for a test drive. But she is a Lady Jane-come-lately to the kingdom, and has little to do with the community down in the "trenches". Thus, she is rightly seen as aloof, conniving and looking after numero uno. Besides, she is about REAL power...a figurehead's mantel is not for SueSue, she would never be satisfied as a mere constitutional queen.

What the Wacko Media Foundation really needs is an outsider, and not just any outsider, but a highly talented and experienced one, and I know the perfect candidate, if he is foolish brave enough to take the job-James Burke.

So why do I think Mr. Burke would make such a great replacement for Massah Wales?

*He is an educator extraordinaire, who has devoted most of his life to the pursuit and popularization of knowledge, especially with regards to technology.

*He groks technology better than almost any human on the planet. Not only how it works and the connections between different technologies, but its implications for good and ill.

*He is a true visionary...this is a word which gets bandied about far too casually but James Burke is the real deal. One need look no further than his work to see this. He saw the computer revolution in his signature series Connections. At the end of The Day The Universe Changed he foretold online communities. In After The Warming he was one of the first major media/scientific voices to sound off about global warming, and one of the first to suggest the idea of "Carbon credits" as a possible solution.

*He already runs his own non-profit educational institute, so he has experience with management, delegation and politics.

*His work with the "K-web" (Knowledge Web) further demonstrates his suitability along with the vision needed to take Wikimedia to the next level.

*There are tremendous potential synergies between Mr. Burke's projects and the various Wikimedia ones.

*He is a native English speaker but also a non-American. Thus he is ideally placed to help bridge the growing gap between American Wikimedians and the rest of the world, especially the Euro-Chapters whose influence is on the rise.

*He can give entire lectures without once saying "uhhh" and can even play the guitar while doing so.

*He is a man of maturity and character, and thus is unlikely to squander his speaking fees, trying to live out repressed, adolescent rockstar fantasies.

*Who better to oversee the construction and maintenance of a massive, online encyclopedia, than a man who is a walking encyclopedia, with the amazing ability to point out the connections between everything and anyone.

*He has inspired generations and all ages, including mine, to think about technology and history in new and exciting ways.

*He would be far more likely to govern as a duly elected president than rule as a self-proclaimed monarch.

But of course, before this Dream President can take over, the manipulative, megalomaniac, mental midget, man-ape monarch must vacate his throne of lies. And his Canuk Goth Dolores Umbridge, will very likely have to go as well.

In this year of change, when we are picking the most powerful elected leaders on earth, the choice is yours Wikipedians.
Who would you rather see with the keys to the kingdom; this?

Or this?

If your choice is the latter, then let your fingers do the talking. Start petitions, post to your blogs and mailing lists, write to James Burke to see if he might be interested. Get out the word. Wikimedia can no longer move forward without a head who truly understands and believes in its mission. The communities must demand better than a clueless, RANDroid con man as their self-proclaimed king.